Unchallenged Optimism

I am a person who values a certain degree of order. As such, I fully intended to have a regular writing schedule for this project, but given that I work an auxiliary position, my schedule does not belong entirely to me. For example, I have worked each of the past 7 days, and many of those days where shifts picked up with little notice. This frazzled me, and I failed to make time for my writing. I am hoping to do better in this regard in the future.

Since my first post of the year, I have visited a lovely pub I hadn’t patronized in years. I have attended a weekly movie night during which my host is accustomed to keeping my glass full at times. I attended a book club that usually involves some scotch or wine, but I did not imbibe.

However, there was very little pressure to do so in any of these cases. In the case of the pub, I was on a lunch break, and although I used to work a job in the UK that involved drinking a pint a lunch, that is not the practice in my current careers. My movie night host kept my mug of peppermint tea topped up instead of offering wine, or beer, or cider, as I warned her at least a month ahead of time of this project. The couple who usually brings a bottle of something lovely to share was unable to make it to our book club meeting this month, and everyone else brought food to share. It just worked out that way. I am unaware if any of them know about this project, although I wouldn’t be surprise if they did but their contributions had nothing to do with it.

All of this is to say that I have gone through different moments in my life where I would normally imbibe, but didn’t. It wasn’t difficult. In fact, I am looking forward to my trip to Boston next month and knowing that I can still visit pubs and be a little sad that I can’t try the local brew, but I’ll survive. Maybe I can even bring a bottle home if they have a beer that ages well.

A friend of mine does a segment on YouTube called Woman Crush Winesday in which she talks about amazing women from history while drinking wine, and since I will be meeting up with her and her channel partner in June, it would be a dream to take part in an episode. Perhaps she’ll allow me to participate with a glass of grape juice. The alcohol isn’t really the point. I have a segment called Come Drink With Me on my channel, but I have never insisted on my guests drinking alcohol.

There’s always a fear of forgetting about the project when offered a beverage, but as not drinking alcohol becomes more common in my daily life, I am slowly losing the fear. I might feel odd during an upcoming family trip in April if I am not drinking, but I won’t be the only one (my sister in law rarely drinks, given she spends her days looking after three beautiful children, and my brother tends to only drink if it is a special social gathering type of thing, and even then, it is rare). It’s just that I usually drink during visits with my folks, because they offer up anything I could want, and it feels nice to accept. I’ll be sure to request some different liquids. They’ll adjust. They adjusted when I became (mostly) vegan nearly four years ago (my mother makes me my own stuffing in the crock pot and whatever Tofurky/Gardien product looks good from the freezer aisle at Christmas time, and has figured out an Irish Cream recipe that is almost vegan, but definitely dairy free).

It currently feels like this channel many not be as difficult as I thought it would be, but a small part of me is always looking for a hurdle in the path. The fear of not being included because there is something I am not currently doing is fierce.


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